Triad Learning Center – Educational Preschool

Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year is NOW OPEN!

*Registration Fee: $55 – non-refundable, reserves your child’s place in class, 10% tuition discount for siblings*

Triad Learning Center is a fully licensed educational facility. At TLC, your preschooler will take part in a variety of age-appropriate curriculum and activities, both in the classroom and beyond. Scheduled field trips and classroom guests will foster your child’s hands-on learning, and Triad’s unique gym setting is the perfect place for large motor activities. Our program also offers a small student-teacher ratio to ensure that your child receives the guidance they need. Our caring staff and certified teachers are dedicated to creating a friendly, caring environment where kids will foster a love for learning!

TLC families are eligible for discounts on many other Triad activities!

Just a few of the many activities your preschooler will take part in at TLC:

  • Learning Centers— Reading, Building, Sensory, Numbers, Home Living, Science, Writing
  • Large Group Activities—Finger Plays, Children’s Songs, Theme Related Books, Games, Music, Early Math & Reading
  • Curriculum Related Arts and Crafts Projects

Director: Tracey Lukehart


What TLC parents have to say:

“Triad has brought out skills and abilities in my son that I might

never have known were there. He is reading books at four years

old! The instructors have put much effort into teaching him math

and reading skills that he will use for the rest of his life, and given

him such a head start for Kindergarten.” -Megan Reiner


“Triad Learning Center has been a perfect learning environment

for both my son and daughter. The teachers are supportive and

encouraging all while preparing my child academically, to start

kindergarten next year. TLC is awesome!”–Katie Heither, Grand View University Admissions Counselor


“One or more of my children have been attending Triad for the

past 5 years. The staff has been so warm and caring, give great

advice, and motivation to my kids. My youngest, who is now in

the three year old class has been wanting to attend Triad since she

could talk! The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is great, and

the gym is a wonderful addition to the preschool experience. I

would highly recommend Triad to anyone looking for a

well-rounded preschool experience.” -Shannon Beelner

TWO Year Olds (M-T-W-TH-F)

A NEW play based structure to introduce your toddler to new experiences. Each class will be 2 hours long, but you can choose 2-5 days a week to fit your schedule. This class will be a starting point for the rest of our preschool program. It will focus on and encourage:

  • socialization with others
  • basic routines
  • creating independence
  • name recognition
  • building fine motor skills
  • continuing large motor development
  • sensory galore

Monday-Friday – 9:15am – 11:15 am

2 Days – $120/month

3 Days – $140/month

4 Days – $160/month

5 Days – $180/month


The 3 year old class will build on the foundation created in tot time. This class will encourage and support:

  • more structured schedule
  • introduction to small group activities
  • moving between stations
  • name recognition
  • pencil/marker grasp
  • writing their first name
  • beginning recognition of uppercase letters
  • number recognition 1-10
  • counting
  • sensory play
  • class jobs

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-11:30 am $130/month

Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-2:30 pm $130/month

This three day a week class is for our children that turn 4 AFTER Sept. 15th. This class  builds off our 3 year old class and goes more in depth to develop a master of:

  • writing first and last name
  • uppercase letter recognition
  • introduction to lowercase letters
  • letter formation
  • introduction to letter sounds
  • number recognition 1-20

Mon-Wed-Fri – 9:00-11:30am – $175/month


This four day a week class is for our children that turn 4 BEFORE Sept 15th and must be potty trained. This class is the next step in preparing those that will move to kindergarten:

  • writing first and last name
  • uppercase letter recognition
  • introduction to lowercase letters
  • introduction to letter sounds
  • number recognition 1-20
  • introduction to basic patterns
  • independent work
  • structured schedule
  • becoming familiar with addition
  • graphing

Mon-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday  –  9:00-11:30 am $220/month

This five day a week class is for our children that will go to Kindergarten the following year. This class encourages independence and builds self confidence. Using higher level thinking, students will work on:

  • phone number and address
  • letter sounds
  • sight words
  • introduction to addition and subtraction
  • graphing
  • student led circle time
  • STEM activities

M-F (5 days) 11:45-2:45 – $260/month